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Instructions for Blackboard Learn 9.1: Add or Delete Tools (Table of Contents)

Follow these instructions for adding tool links to or deleting tool links from the table of contents.

Add a Tool to the Table of Contents

  • 1.To add a tool to the table of contents in your course, hover your cursor over the ‘+’ sign above the table of contents. Choose ‘Tool Link’.
    Add Tool 1.png
  • 2. Give the tool a name. Choose the type of tool from the dropdown menu.
    Add Tool 2.png
  • 3. Make sure the tool is available to users.

Click ‘Submit’.

Add Tool 3.png
  • 4. Use the yellow handle to drag the tool to the desired spot in the table of contents.
    Add Tool 4.png

Delete a Tool from the Table of Contents

  • Hover your cursor over the link to the tool you would like to delete.
  • Click the dropdown arrow.
  • Choose ‘Delete’.
Add Tool 5.png

Caution: Be careful what you delete from the table of contents. If you delete a content area like a Learning Module or Content Folder, you may delete any content within it.

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