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===6. Click ‘Thompson Rivers University’ to return to the ‘My Institution’ page.===
===6. Click ‘Thompson Rivers University’ to return to the ‘My Institution’ page.===
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=Change Your Password=
=Change Your Password=

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Access and basic navigation

Follow these instructions to access Blackboard Learn 9.1, navigate and edit the ‘My Institution’ page, access the ‘My Blackboard’ pane and change your password.

1. Go to http://blearn.tru.ca and enter your login credentials.

Access 1.png
  • Faculty: your username is your first initial and last name.
  • Students: your username is your student number.
  • Your default password is your birthdate as ‘yymmdd’.
  • Click ‘Login’.

2. The ‘My Institution’ page contains room for various Modules which can give you an overview of all of your courses in Blackboard.

Access 2.png

3. Personalize the ‘My Institution’ page

  • use the ‘Add Module’ button to add or remove modules (some are required and cannot be removed),
  • drag and drop modules using the top bar of each module,
  • minimize or maximize a module by clicking the triangle to the left of the module title,
  • personalize a module by clicking the gear when you hover over the top bar of a module,
  • click the ‘more ____’ link to see more items in a module,
  • click the ‘Personalize Page’ button to change the colour scheme,
  • click to log out.
Access 3.png

4. ‘My Blackboard’ provides an overview of all of the activity in all of your courses in one convenient location

  • Click your name in the top, right corner of any screen in Blackboard.
  • You will see links to recently visited courses and a column of icons.
  • Click the top icon to edit your profile in Blackboard:
  • upload a recent picture,
  • share some information about yourself,
  • enter your email address,
  • set your privacy options (preferrably to ‘My Institution’ which will be visible to the TRU community when they are logged in to Blackboard).
  • Click ‘Submit’ to save changes to your profile.
  • click for a brief overview of all activity in your courses,
  • click to see and reply to all posts in your courses,
  • click to see updates to your course,
  • click to see grades (students only),
  • click to see the Calendar,
  • click to see profiles of others in Blackboard.
Access 4.png

5. Access timely information about your courses through ‘My Blackboard’

6. Click ‘Thompson Rivers University’ to return to the ‘My Institution’ page.

Change Your Password

1. Open ‘My Blackboard and click ‘Settings’ at the bottom. Change Your Password! 2. Click ‘Personal Information’. 3. Click ‘Change Password’. 4 4. Enter a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess, then verify your password. Click ‘Submit’ to save your changes. Tip: The best way to increase the difficulty of your password is to increase the length of your password. The bad guys know to try caPitaL letters and r@nd0m numb3r$. If you have questions, please contact itservicedesk@tru.ca.