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Wikis are widely used for documentation as they allow colleagues to collaborate, update, and centrally store manuals and guides. Wikis work well for this purpose as there is no need to continually send out updated files to individual colleagues. As soon as you update your wiki pages, everyone who accesses those pages will have access to the most current information. Likewise, the open nature of wikis allow anyone who has new information to update the documentation. Just remember, this space is, like the rest of TRU Kumu wiki, wide open to anyone at TRU to write and to anyone else in the world to read. Please see Help:Contents for more information on using the Kumu Wiki.

Documentation space contents

(Additional documentation pages may be browsed by using the contents link in the navigation box on the left hand column, choosing the Documentation namespace from the drop down menu, and then navigating to the correct page)

Create a New Documentation Page

Create a New Documentation Page
  • Simply add the title of your new page after the prefix Documentation: in the form below and click on the create page button.

  • To add an already existing page to the documentation space, use the move function and rename the page with the "Documentation:" prefix. For example, a page named Vista would be renamed Documentation:Vista. See Help:Moving a page for more information.