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{{Infobox person
|name=Jane Addams
|image=Jane Addams - Bain News Service.jpg
|image caption={{circa}} 1926
|birth_date={{birth date|1860|9|6|mf=y}}
|birth_place=[[Cedarville, Illinois]], U.S.
|death_date={{death date and age|1935|5|21|1860|09|06|mf=y}}
|death_place= [[Chicago]], Illinois, U.S
|occupation=Social and political activist, author and lecturer, community organizer, public intellectual
|awards=[[Nobel Peace Prize]] <small>(1931)</small>
|parents=[[John H. Addams]]<br />Sarah Weber (Addams)
|education=[[Rockford Female Seminary]]
|signature=Jane Addams signature.svg

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