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This course explores factors that impact the learner’s cognitive presence and willingness to sustain deep learning. Participants will have opportunities to develop strategies for providing meaningful feedback in alignment with stated intended learning outcomes to promote deeper approaches to learning.


  1. analyze the characteristics of ‘cognitive presence’ in an effective online learning environment
  2. explain the importance of deep approaches to learning in relation to assessment, feedback and student attainment of learning outcomes.
  3. evaluate the quality of the feedback that they provide for students in light of relevant evidence-based research (SOLO Taxomony and Hattie & Timperley.
  4. analyze learning activities and their effectiveness to promote deep approaches to learning
  5. provide high quality feedback using appropriate tools to promote deep approaches to learning.
  6. create an environment that supports and enhances deeper approaches to learning in your courses
  7. monitor your progress towards achieving your goals resulting in an improved and enhanced cognitive presence in your courses.