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Instead, I thought I would share one of the peak moments of my life, one of many that I owe to Grant. This video was shot on the Open Ed 2012 Conference jam, on a boat somewhere off the coast of Vancouver. It’s one of the participatory musical miracles for which Grant has been the ringleader over the years. And I always thought this clip (filmed so well by Novak Rogic) captured some sort of truth about open educational experiences for me.

This particular group of musicians had never played together before, and maybe it’s a little too obvious that this song had never been rehearsed. David Wiley has said “content is infrastructure” in open ed, and here the “content” (the old song “Money”) is the shared knowledge that allows the band to improvise together with a sense of purpose and direction. But really, what makes this happen is energy and attitude. Watch Grant in this video, in it he embodies all the attributes of a stellar open educator. When Gardner Campbell calls out “Money” as the next song (I remember thinking at that moment with confusion that he meant the Pink Floyd song, and wondering how the hell we were going to pull that off), Grant adds that wonderful affirmative energy of his, and away we go. Throughout the song, besides demonstrating his considerable skills, he is actively watching and listening to the other musicians, and with his body language plays an invaluable role in holding the whole crazy thing together.