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Lessons and observations from the great switch to online delivery in 2020!

For this part of the course, rather than me providing all the readings, links and resources, we are rather going to collaboratively create the content over 10 or so days. I expect that further things to explore as well as tangents on what we have here initially will evolve as the class adds content and ideas to the wiki. On this, you can also add media of various sorts. The editing feature under "edit" above provides options.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Education

Lessons and perspectives from Educators

Educators around the world have ....

A Faculty Perspective on COVID-19 Teaching: It's Too Soon to Make Pronouncements. By Andrew D. Spear.

Lessons and perspectives for Students

Lessons and perspectives for Institutions

Younger learners (K-5)

Grades 6-12

Online classes — How effective? By Samaira Guleria, Class X, Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh


In the News

The COVID-19 Pandemic has Changed Education Forever. This is how. By Cathy Li and Farah Lalani

Academic Integrity

School/Institution perspectives