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New Course Proposal

1. Log in using your user name and password.

2. Using your mouse, hover over COURSES (on the blue menu bar at the top of your page).

3. Select Propose New Course.

4. Fill in introductory information to create your new course shell. Click OK when complete.

5. Use the Course Checklist (on the right side of your page) to navigate through each of the required form pages, filling out each section. Start by clicking "Cover."

NOTE: When you have fully filled out a section click Finish to "lock in" your changes. Don't worry - as long as you have not submitted your New Course Proposal you can always unlock a section if you want to make changes. As you finish sections they become green in the Course Checklist and a check mark is placed in the box beside each finished section.

6. Click the Submit button when you have finished all sections and are ready to send your course for approval.

NOTE: The Submit button will not appear until all mandatory sections from the Course Checklist have been completed.
NOTE: Once you click submit you will no longer be able to edit your course unless one of the approvers sends it back to you for changes.